Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Syllabus is made up of three components - Music, Visual Arts, Dance & Drama.


Music plays an integral part in the life of Our Lady of the Way. It enhances the prayer life of the community; it is a source of entertainment at events such as school assemblies, discos and end of year functions; and it provides students with an opportunity for meaningful self-expression. At Our Lady of the Way music is taught in accordance with the guidelines as set out in the NSW Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus. Each student participates in formal music lessons taught by a specialist Music teacher. Students also have the opportunity to receive string lessons (cello and violin), keyboard lessons and singing lessons.

Music is also integrated into other key learning areas throughout the school day. Part of our music program involves performances by professional musicians such as the Musica Vivain Schools program. Students at Our Lady of the Way School have the opportunity to participate in talent quests, CAPTIVATE and in the Diocesan Creative Arts Expo.

Visual Arts

The children at Our Lady of the Way are fortunate in that their artistic talents are expressed, fostered and valued. Each class is given the opportunity to participate in Visual Arts lessons. During these sessions, the learning experiences are adapted to school or class contexts, paying close attention to the needs of individual students. The children are exposed to a variety of Art-making techniques, which include—drawing, painting, colouring, and paper craft.

Drama and Dance

The Drama & Dance Program is designed in accordance with the NSW Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus. This document organises dramatic and movement skills and understanding into the areas of Creating, Performing and Appreciating. Students from K-6 participate in lessons that explore many aspects of dramatic experiences including mime, improvisation and movement. Lessons incorporate specific skill teaching and performance opportunities. Students move from the familiar such as Nursery Rhymes and traditional stories through to abstract experience in the creation of their work. Students are encouraged to develop and extend their skill both individually and in groups and respond constructively to others.

A variety of classes throughout the year are given the opportunity to attend Drama Literacy lessons These lessons build on the students’ ability to communicate and understand. Drama Literacy lessons are part of the regular literacy block. They are led by the classroom teacher along with a specialist teacher and a trained drama professional.

Through drama games, activities and exercises the children explore characters, events and ideas. By using their whole bodies in their learning children are able to understand more deeply. What children begin to understand in the Drama Literacy session is explored more deeply in class, and the literacy skills are practised again and again through the week. Another great benefit of Drama Literacy is that children develop the skills needed for drama, which also happen to be very important for learning - like focus, stillness, listening, public speaking, improvising, being creative and confidence.


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