Each child at Our Lady of the Way is expected to wear the uniform as stipulated below.

The full school uniform can be purchased from Lowes – Shop 106, Westfield Penrith, 585 High Street, Penrith. Phone: (02) 4721 4340. All articles of clothing and belongings must be clearly marked with your child's name.

(All students wear their sports clothes on Monday & Friday)

The Our Lady of the Way school hat is compulsory for all students. A "No Hat / No Play" policy is enforced for sun protection for all children.

The following items may be purchased from the school office:

  • School Hats
  • School Library Bags
  • School Back Packs
  • White School Sports Socks

Second hand uniforms can be purchased through the Clothing Pool. Please contact the office for the current opening hours.

Hair Styling, Grooming & Jewellery

Expectations Students are expected to keep their hair clean, neat and tidy at all times. Students are to keep hair off their face and out of their eyes. Haircuts are to be in a sensible and conventional style. There are to be no extremes of fashion in hairstyle cut or colour. Shaving of any part of the head, lines or undercuts, and haircuts with a number 1 or 2 blade are not permitted. Rat’s tails of any sort and the use of gel and hairspray to spike hair is not permitted. For girls, long hair below the shoulder should be tied back by a ribbon, ‘scrunchy’, hair band or clip.

In the interest of safety and security, no jewellery should be worn. A watch, gold or silver bangle or bracelet that cannot be removed, are permitted. A plain gold silver or gold chain with a religious symbol or medal may be worn under the child’s shirt out of sight. (However, this is not recommended due to valuable items being lost in the playground and children and parents being greatly upset at the loss).

If a girl’s ears are pierced only one pair of sleepers or plain studs are to be worn in the lower ear lobe. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings at school or at any school activities. No other jewellery is permitted and teachers will ask students to remove inappropriate jewellery. Children are not to wear leather necklaces with beads or the like. In extreme cases, jewellery will be confiscated, secured and returned at a later time to the student or parent.

Make-up and nail polish are not part of the school uniform. Students wearing make-up or coloured nail polish will be asked to remove it.

Valuable Items

Valuable toys and equipment should not be brought to school. Children are encouraged to bring small inexpensive items to play with such as a tennis ball, skipping rope, small toy car or the like.

Students are not to have mobile phones at school. If, for an extreme emergency, your child needs to have one for after school they will need to leave it at the school office during the day. A letter of explanation will need to be sent seeking approval from the Principal.