The school newsletter is a valuable source of information about events within our school community.

Parents and friends receive an electronic copy of the school newsletter By the Way each fortnight. It is also archived on the school website to be read at your convenience. It is a valuable source of information about events within our school community. Please ensure that you subscribe to our Skoolbag mobile app in order to receive an alert when the newsletter goes out.

Contribute to our Newsletter

Parents are invited to contribute to the newsletter. If you or someone you know has family, cultural, sporting or other news or achievements you’d like us to share and/or celebrate, please forward the details in writing to the school office or use our 'contact us' form.

  2023 Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter

In this article: Principal's message, Assistant Principal's message, Religious Education coordinators message, St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal, Parish Mass, Wellbeing Counsellor's message, learning news, sports news, parent communication, upcoming events.


  2022 Newsletter Term 4 Week 10

Principal's Address, Christmas Mass Times, Congratulations to Eddy Lennon - Year 6, Congratulations to our Zone Swimming Representatives for 2023, Important Dates, Community News

  2022 Term 4 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal's Address, Soctober Soccer Shootout, St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal, Christmas Carols Evening, End of Year Celebrations, Year 6 Farewell and Thanksgiving Mass, Farewell Liturgy, Makaela Jarrett Year 5, Jetta Grady Year 5, Olivia Eekman Year 5, Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese Ltd, Important Dates

  2022 Term 4 Week 2 Newsletter

Principal's Address, Bullying, CEDP Wellbeing Counsellors, New English and Mathematics Syllabus K-2, Pupil Free Day, Sports News, School Travel Applications, Important Dates, Community News

  2022 Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal's Address - Friendship, Complaints Procedure, My School Lunch Box, Important Dates, Community News

  2022 Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

Principal's Message, St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal Fundraiser - Scarf & Beanie Day, Pupil Free Day - 26th August, Term 3 Masses and Liturgies, Sacrament of Confirmation, Mathematics, PBS4L, Sports News, Library News - Premier's Reading Challenge, Bus Travel, Important Dates, Parish Playgroup, Community News

  2022 Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal's Address, Semester 1 Reports, Feast Day Fun Day, Mary Help of Christians, Bibles for Our Lady Help of Christians South Lismore, Athletics Carnival, Important Dates

  2022 Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter

Staff Development Day (Spelling focus), Principal's Address, Project Compassion - Silly Sock Day, Vinnies Flood Appeal - Harmony Day, Sacrament of Reconciliation for Easter, Year 6 Canberra Excursion, School Photos - Tuesday 5th April, Important Dates, Community News

  2022 Term 1 Week 7 Newsletter

Principal's Address, Congratulations Serafina Bessi, Opening School Liturgy, Ash Wednesday, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Silly Sock Day for Project Compassion, PBS4L News, Mathematics, Sports News, General News, Community News

  2022 Term 1 Week 3 Newsletter

2022 Focus Areas and Goals, PBS4L News, Nepean Zone Swimming Carnival, Maths Assessment Interviews, Religious Education, Important Dates, Technology News, Back to School Snack Ideas

  2021 Term 4 Week 10 Newsletter

Advent, Semester 2 Reports, Student Leadership for 2022, Families Leaving, Sad News, P & F News, Learning Spaces for 2022, Prayer for End of School Year, 2022 Staffing List, Farewell and Thank You, OLOW Church Christmas Mass Times, 2022 Sacramental Program, Swimming Carnival, Diocesan Team Sports Trials, Important Dates

  2021 Term 4 Week 6 Newsletter

2022 Enrolments, Are You Leaving at the End of 2021?, Premier's Reading Challenge, Book Club, Keeping Safe Online, School Travel Applications for 2022, Important Dates, Lowes 3 Day Sale 20% Off

  2021 Term 3 Week 10 Newsletter

Principal's Address, Staffing News, NAPLAN, Road Map to Return to School, Flexible Learning Hub Website, Final Friday Fun Day Zoom, St Vincent de Paul's Winter Appeal Thanks, RE Curriculum, Holiday Ideas, Sports News, Important Dates, Baby News, Boredom Busters

  2021 Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

Book Week, Family Week, Student Validation, Attendance, Mathematics, Motiv8 Zooms, Library News, Important Dates, Resources for When You're Bored, Steptember

  2021 Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

Principal's Address, Feedback - Mathematics, Technology and Learning at Home Matrix, Ideas for the Family, Important Dates, Community News

  2021 Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Staffing Semester 2, First Eucharist, Final Draft New Religious Education Curriculum, PBS4L, Athletics Carnival, Winter Wonderland Spectactular, Important Dates, Community News

  2021 Newsletter Term 2 Week 6

Principal's Address, Twilight Professional Meeting - Writing, Compass, Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences, Semester 1 Reports, Positive Behaviour Support 4 Learning (PBS4L), Clubs Around the School, Sports News, Library News, Year 2 Excursion to the Arms of Australia Inn Museum, Commonsense Media, Thank You from Year 2, Thank you for the Bake Sale, School Disco, Important Dates, Volunteers Needed at Edinglassie.

  Term 2 Week 2 Newsletter

Staff Development Day Update, Mothers' Day Afternoon Tea and Liturgy, Kinder Enrolment Interviews, P & F Meeting, 2020 Australian Early Development Census, 2021 NAPLAN, What Do You Want to Know More About, Compass, Learning News, Sports News, Year 6 Camp to Canberra, Important Dates, Lowes 20% off Schoolwear

  2021 Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter

First Holy Communion, Holy Week, Holy Week and Easter Celebrations at OLOW Parish, Stations of the Cross, Mathematics, PBS4L, Compass, Year 6 Canberra Excursion, Mothers' Day Afternoon Tea and Liturgy, Important Dates

  2021 Term 1 Week 8 Newsletter

Principal's Message, NAPLAN 2021, Professional Learning, Sports News - Diocesan Swimming Carnival, Consent, Important Dates, Skoolbag Issues, Community News

  2021 Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Classroom News, Innovative Classroom Furniture, Strings Program, Zone Swimming Carnival, Parent Information Sessions, Professional Learning at OLOW, Open Classrooms - 10th March, School fees, Library News, Important Dates

  2020 Term 4 Week 6

Principal's Message, Assessment for Success, Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge, School Fees, Ice Block Days, Travel Applications Now Open, Enrolments for 2020, Leaving OLOW?, Special Events, NAIDOC Week, Remembrance Day, Vinnies Christmas Appeal, Christmas at OLOW, Confirmation

  2020 Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Updated Draft New Curriculum for Religious Education, Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge, Lift Construction Update, School Fees, Dates for Term 4, Book Week, Earth Care Team, Vege Garden Update, School Travel Applications

  2020 Term 1 Week 8 Newsletter

Updates on Noel Coronavirus, NAPLAN Practice Testing, Bring a Water Bottle to School, Amended Mass Times at OLOW Parish, Sacramental Program Dates, Awards, Canteen News, Community News

  2020 Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter

Catholic Schools Week, P & F Meeting, Communication via Skoolbag and Website, Awards, Volunteers Needed for Clothing Pool, School Fees, Lowes 20% Off Schoolwear on 12th March, Community News

  2020 Term 1 Week 4

Learning Spaces at OLOW, What is an Anchor Chart, What are Learning Intentions and Success Criteria, Life & Learning at OLOW - Catholic Schools Week Parent Information Session, Ash Wednesday, Emails Outside School Hours, Explanation of Absences - Fact Sheet for Parents and Caregivers, Volunteers Needed, School Fees, Guitar Lessons, Thank You from St Vincent de Paul, Community News

  2020 Term 1 Week 2

Welcome back!, 2020 Learning Goal, A Student's Prayer for the Beginning of the School Year, Life & Learning at OLOW, 2020 Staffing, School Photo Day, How We Communicate at OLOW, Key Dates for Term 1, Afternoon Dismissal Procedure, Term 1 Dates, Community News

  2019 Term 4 Week 8 Newsletter

Advent, Reports, Prayer for the End of the School Year, Christmas Concert, End of Year Awards, Swimming Carnival, Assessment for Success, Life and Learning at OLOW, Enrolments, Christmas Mass Times, Awards, What's Happening at OLOW, Help Please, Fees, Japanese Host Families Wanted, Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge

  2019 Term 4 Week 4

This week: 40th Anniversary Celebration, Kinder 2020 Orientation, Kindergarten enrolments for 2020, Cyber safety, Remembrance Day, Year 5 Camp Experience, Touch Football Gala Day, Strings Program, Student Travel, Japanese Students Host Families Needed, Japanese Sasebo Kita Students’ Visitors 2019, McCarthy College Name Change

  2019 Term 3 Week 10 Newsletter

Grandparents Day,Kinder Enrolments 2020, Confirmation, Year 5's Pentecost Poems, Sports News, Awards, OLOW 40th Anniversary, Term 4 Upcoming Events, Good Luck Year 6 from 2013, Skoolbag App, Leaving at the End of 2019, School Fees, Community News

  2019 Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

Values, R U Ok?, Staff Professional Development, Kinder Enrolments 2020, RE News, Attendance, Grandparents' Day, 40th Anniversary Sunday, Sports News, Awards, Skoolbag, Leaving at the End of 2019?, Transition to Summer Uniform, Urgent Health Alert, School Fees, Canteen News, Community News

  2019 Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

Fathers' Day, Requesting Leave During School Terms, Important Reminder re Sending Emails, Kinder Enrolments for 2020, RE News, Go Out Into the Deep, Play as a Form of Enquiry, Sports News, Awards, Skoolbag, Leaving OLOW?, Parking and Road Safety, School Fees,Canteen News

  2019 Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

Latest Happenings, 2019 Education Mass, Kinder Enrolments for 2020, Parish Mass, Feast of the Assumption, Pyjama Day, Fathers' Day Liturgy, NED Show, Nepean Zone Athletics, Awards, Attendance, School Disco, Skoolbag App, School Fees, Last Chance for Entertainment Book

  2019 Term 3 Week 2

Jumping Into Learning, Kinder Enrolments 2020, RE News, NAIDOC Week, Kinder Visits the Farm, Ned's Mindset Mission, Sports News, Awards, Attendance, Skoolbag, School Fees, Book Club, Lowes 20% Off Day

  2019 Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter

Pope Francis's Ten Tips for Peace and Happiness, Stage 3 - What is Fair in Religion?, Awards, Attendance, Earn & Learn Stickers, Term 3 - Important Dates, Please Check Your Uniforms, Skoolbag App, 2020 Enrolments, School Fees

  2019 Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter

Tell Them From Me Survey, Learning Goals, Communication at OLOW, Sacrament of the Eucharist, Feast of the Sacred Heart, Collection for Penrith Community Kitchen, Parish Mass, Captivate Spoken Voice Choir, Stage 3 Girls Soccer Team Photo, Sports News, Awards, Attendance, Fees, Popstars the Musical

  2019 Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter

Building Update, Communication Survey, Pentecost, Mrs Curry, Improving Reading Comprehension at OLOW, Sacrament of the Eucharist, Parish Mass, Feast of the Scared Heart Mass, Enrolments Now Open for 2020, Kindergarten Billy Cart Incursion, Stage 3 Girls Soccer Gala Day, Athletics Carnival, 'Have A Go' Athletics Day, Representative Sports, Awards, Attendance, The Curious Child, A Reminder About Safety, Tell Them From Me Survey, Skoolbag App, Chatterbox Live, Community News

  2019 Term 2 Week 4 Newsletter

Positive Behaviour Support for Learning, Our Lady Help of Christians Feast Day Liturgy, Skoolbag App, National Capital Excursion, 2020 Enrolments, Awards, Attendance, Tell Them From Me, School Fees, Book Club Volunteer Needed, Chatterbox Live on Social Media, Community News

  2019 Term 2 Week 2 Newsletter

Focus on Learning, 100% Attendance, New Afternoon Dismissal Procedure and Gate Opening Times, New Assembly Time, NAPLAN, Mothers' Day, Winter Uniform from Week 3, RE News, Awards, Attendance Rates, Sports News, General News, Community News

  2019 Term 1 Week 11 Newsletter

ANZAC Day Ceremony, Mothers' Day Breakfast & Liturgy, Enrolments for 2020, Religious Education News, School Uniform Policy, Safety First in the Carpark, NAPLAN Testing, Easter Raffle, Recorder for Kinder, Awards, Term 2 Upcoming Events

  2019 Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter

Easter, Reading Matters, Religious Education News, Attendance, Awards, Sports News, Relay for Life, School Fees, Entertainment Books, Lowes - 50% off School Shoes, Community News

  2019 Term 1 Week 8 Newsletter

Parable of the fig tree, Reminder about Parking, No Way to Bullying, Religious Education News, Awards, Harmony Day, World's Greatest Shave, Enrolments are now open for 2020, School Photos, School Fees, Community News

  2019 Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter

Catholic Schools Week,Growth Mindset, Cyber Safety - Warning about MOMO, Ash Wednesday and Lent, Sacramental Program, Awards, Cross Country, Diocesan Swimming Carnival, Library News, Open Morning, Enrolments now open for 2020, School Photo Day, School Fees, Book Club, Community News

  2019 Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

Goals for 2019, School Motto, Awards, Learning How to Learn, Celebrating 40 Years of Catholic Education at OLOW, Road Safety, Scripture Bags, Opening School Mass, Parish Sacramental Program, Zone Swimming Carnival, Clothing Pool Hours, Open Morning, School Fees, Bookclub, Community News

  2019 Term 1 Week 2 Newsletter

Welcome, New Staff and Students, 2019 Staffing, Parent Information Evenings, From the Assistant Principal, Religious Education News, Diocesan Tennis Trials, Beginner's Guitar Lessons, St Vincent de Paul Society, School Fees, Clothing Pool Volunteers Needed, Book Club, Kiss and Drop Procedures, Community News

  2018 Term 4 Week 8 Newsletter

Season of Advent, Awards, Rotary Award, Reading Recovery Graduates, Christmas Concert, Primary Swimming Carnival, CEDP Primary Schools Sports Award Evening, End of Years Award, Enrolments for 2019, Opal Cards, Important Dates, Thank You Afternoon Tea, RE News, Curriculum News, P & F News, Kiss and Drop

  2018 Term 4 Week 6 Newsletter

Kinder Orientation, Building Works, Goodbye to Father Regie and Hello to Father Paul, Awards, Attendance, School Leavers, Swimming Program, School Opal Cards, Values Driven Innovation, Important Dates, Janaki From Nepal, Psalms of Praise, Library News, P & F Raffle, Lowes - 205 off School Shoes, Community News

  2018 Term 4 Week 4

World Kindness Day, Building Works in Kinder and Library, Awards, Attendance, Reading Recovery Graduants, School Leavers, Swimming Program, Opal Cards, Important Dates, Writing the Future, Remembrance Day Prayer, Year 5 Camp, Basketball Gala Day, Library News, Parish Christmas Choir Practice, Sophie Wade, Lowes 20% Off Schoolwear Voucher

  2018 Term 4 Week 2

Farewell from Sue, Awards, Attendance, Swimming Program, Kinder Orientation Morning, School Opal Cards, Parental Controls for iPads and iPhones, Diocesan Team Sport Trials, Community News

  2018 Term 3 Week 10

Grandparents' Day, Awards, Confirmation, Farewell for Mrs Veling, Attendance, Trivia Night, Transition to Summer Uniform, Sports News, Return and Earn, Skoolbag App, Fees, Canteen News and New Menu, Lowes Discount Day

  2018 Term 3 Week 8

Values, Fair Process, Awards, World Youth Day Raffle, Attendance, Leaving OLOW, Trivia Night, Transition to Summer Uniform, Fiver for the Farmers Fundraiser, Farmer's Poem by Lucie McIntosh, Recyclables, Plenary 2020, Parish Sacramental Program, Grade Masses and Reconciliation, Sports News, Condolences, School Fees

  Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

Our Relationship with Jesus, Awards, World Youth Day, Fathers' Day Stall, Fathers' Day Breakfast, Attendance, Complaints and Grievances Communication, Book Week Character Parade, Leaving the School, NAPLAN Readiness Online, Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Diocesan Athletics Carnival, Reading Recovery Graduants, Trivia Night, Return and Earn, Skoolbag, Coles Mini Collectables,Premier's Reading Challenge, Social Media

  2018 Term 3 Week 2

Welcome to Term 3, PSSA Cross Country, School Leavers, NAPLAN Readiness Online, My Holidays by Madeline Wade, Athletics Carnival, Awards, Attendance, Reading Recovery Graduants, Book Week Character Parade, Return and Earn, How to be a Resilient Parent, School Fees, Book Club

  2018 Term 2 Week 10

First Holy Communion, Awards, Farewell Fr Mich & Welcome Fr Regie, Reading Recovery Graduants, Attendance, Rest in Peace, Student Led Conferences, Recycling, Skoolbag App, How Reading 20 Minutes a Day Impacts Your Child, Pyjama Day,, Parish Sacramental Program, Year 3 Poetry, Library News, Sports News, Fees, Community News

  2018 Term 2 Week 8

Principal's Address, TTFM Survey, Awards, Prayer with the Principal, Attendance, Return and Earn, Semester 1 Reports and Student Led Conferences, Athletics Carnival, Targeted Learning Program - Reading, Skoolbag App, Religious Education News, 50 Questions to Ask Your Children, School Zone Offences, Sports News, School Fees, Medication at School, ICT Parent Workshop

  2018 Term 2 Week 6

Positivity, Awards, Skoolbag App, Opal Cards, 2019 Enrolments, The Power of One Anti-Bullying Show, Games-a-Thon, Attendance, Return and Earn, Semester 1 Reports & Parent & Teacher Student Led Conferences, A Message from the Police, OLOW Athletics Carnival, Parent Information Session - Technology in the Classroom, P & F Meeting, Year 1 visits Rouse Hill House and Farm, How Curiosity Helps with Learning, Year 5 Authors, Religious Education News, Sports News, School Fees, Second Hand Clothing, New Baby on the Block, Threatened Species Children's Art Competition, COOSHC on Pupil Free Day

  2018 Term 2 Week 4

Principal's Address, Awards, RIP, Tell Them From Me Survey, Skoolbag, Opal Cards, Pentecost, 2019 Enrolments, Attendance, Return and Earn, Mackillop Cross Country Carnival, P&F School Disco, National Capital Excursion, Religious Education News, Athletics for Sensory and Disabilities, Leadership, School Fees, Miles Family, St Columba's Catholic College, Support the Stroke Foundation

  2018 Term 2 Week 2

Welcome to Term 2, Remembrance Wall Plaques, Chromebooks, Skoolbag App, NAPLAN, 2019 Enrolments, Mothers' Day Prayer and Devonshire Tea, Year 6 Canberra Excursion, Winter Uniform, Attendance, Return and Earn, Developing a Growth Mindset, Diocesan Cross Country Carnival, Opal Cards, Numeracy Nook Ideas, Games-a-thon, Assistant Principal's News, Religious Education News, Learning News, Library News, Photo Day 30th May, Community News,

  2018 Term 1 Week 10

Principal's Address, Awards, Naplan 2018, Munch 'n Crunch, Japanese Students, Easter Raffle, ANZAC Day Prayer, Remembrance Wall Plaques, Skoolbag App, 2019 Enrolments Now Open, Mothers' Day Prayer & Devonshire Tea, Year 6 Excursion to Canberra, School Zones, Attendance, Return & Earn, Learning Matters, Numeracy Nook, Games-A-Thon, RE News, Recorder Lessons for Kindergarten, School Fees

  2018 Term 1 Week 6

Principal's Message, Open Morning for Prospective Parents and their Children, Award Recipients, Relationship Skills, Japanese Students, Skoolbag App, Munch 'N Crunch, The Season of Lent, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Attendance, Numeracy Nook, MacKillop Swimming Trials, Notes Sent Home, Scripture Bags, Project Compassion, Sacramental Program, Year 6 Lent Journey, Multilit Program - Volunteers Required, Lego Needed, Games-A-Thon, Child Protection Training, Race for Grace, Lowes - 20% off, Community News

  Term 1 Week 4 2018

Principal's Message, Awards, Catholic Schools Week, Open Morning, Numeracy Nook, Swimming Carnival, Assistant Principal's Message, RE News, Learning News, Japanese News & More...

  Term 1 Week 2 2018

Opening School Mass, Parent Teacher Student Conferences, Parent Info Night for Kinder Parents, Zone Swimming Team, Catholic Schools Week, Open Morning for Potential New Parents, Pupil Free Days, Kiss and Drop, Road Safety, RE News, General News,


Thanks, Awards, Reading Recovery and Emu Graduates, Swimming Carnival, Preparation for 2018, Thanks to Helpers, Year 6 Graduation, Summer Reading Challenge, 2018 Teachers, End of Piano Lessons, Online Bookings Open, 2018 Testing, 2018 School Fees

  Newsletter Term 4 Wk 8

Celebrating events over the past couple of weeks and looking forward to the end of year events.


Year 5 Leadership Development Day, 2018 School Captains and Nomination for Leadership Teams, Awards, Student Attendance, Building Program, Bookclub News, Canteen Closed 30th November, Lowes Vouchers, P & F News, Fete Sponsors, Community News


Fete, Awards, Attendance, Building Program, Mufti Day, RE News, Year 2 Speak re Mission, Year 5 Camp Reflections, Lowes Vouchers, Fete Sponsors


Fete, Awards, Hair Styles, Children's Week, Reading Recovery Graduates, Attendance, Building Program, Road Safety, RE News, P & F News, Sports News, Lowes Vouchers, Parenting Course,


Grandparents' Day, Awards, Attendance, Summer Uniform, Confirmation, Diocesan Athletics, Growth Mindset, The Art of Gratitude, Earn and Learn, School Fees


Yellow Day, P & F Movie Night, Awards, Enrolments for 2018, Musical DVD's, Attendance, Summer Uniform, Confirmation, Athletics, Grandparents' Day & Book Fair, Parenting Styles, Tennis Champion, Fete, What is Coding?, Year 3 Excursion to Apple Store


Forgiveness, Fr Mick, Musical, Attendance, Cadman Family, NAPLAN, Road Safety, Voice of Youth, Summer Uniform, Book Week, Cyber Safety, Thanks from Afghanistan, Fete, Zone Carnival, RE News, Year 2 News, Book Club, Library News, Netball Gala Day


Swinging Summertime, Awards, Enrolments, Attendance, Book Week, Earn and Learn, Thank You, Baptism, Reading Recovery, Stage 2 & 3 Soccer Gala Day, Fete, RE News, Fees, Corpus Christie Market Day,


Awards, Joanne Whiteley, Kinder Enrolments, New Canteen Operator, Thanks from the Selby's, Zone Athletics, State Cross Country, New Finance Email, Maths, Book Weeks, Earn & Learn, Swinging Summertime, RE News, Sports News, Library News


Student Led Conferences, Awards, Reading Recovery, Prayers Needed, Digital Social Skills, New Canteen Operator, Athletics Carnival, Holy Communion, Stage 3 Open House, Afternoon Pick Up Changes, RE News, Library News, Music News, Sports News,


Punctuality, Awards, Liturgical Seasons, Reports, Parent Teacher Student led Conferences, Teachers are Learners Too, Mathematics, Sibling Enrolments for 2018, Attendance, RE News, Pyjama Day, Skipping Invitation, Fees Reminder, Community News


Prayers Needed, Enrolments 2018, Building Update, Pentecost, Reading Workshop, Gonski 2.0 Funding Changes, Awards, Attendance, Canteen Licence, Soccer, Parent Teacher Student Led Conferences, Cyberbullying, Reports, RE News, Learning and Sports News


Mothers' Day, Sibling Enrolment, Awards, Learning at OLOW, Remembrance Wall Plaques, Attendance, Parent Teacher Student Led Conferences, Creative Arts, Sacramental Program, Reconciliation & Masses, Feast of Mary Help of Christians, Scripture Bags


ANZAC Day, Winter Uniform, Attendance, Awards, NAPLAN, School Photo Day, Mothers' Day, Fundraising, RE News, Year 5 Poems, Yr 6 Visit Canberra, Diocesan Cross Country, Library News, School Fees, Cookie Dough Ordering Instructions, P & F News


Parenting Best Practice, Survey, Pupil Free Day, Winter Uniform, Attendance, Awards, NAPLAN, School Photo Day, ANZAC Ceremony, Holy Week, Fees, Car Parking, Assistant Principal's News, RE News, Sports News, Harmony Day, Bandaged Bear Day, Coffee4Kids


Catholic Schools Week, Survey, Pupil Free Day, Winter Uniform Changeover, Awards, NAPLAN, Photo Day, ANZAC Day, Student Attendance, Project Compassion, Bicycles & Scooter Safety, Bandaged Bear Appeal, Student Leadership, RE News, Learning News, Sport


Lent, Maths & Coffee Workshop, Art Exhibition, Awards, Pupil Free Days, Sacramental Program, Naplan, Reading Challenge, School Photo Day, 2018 Enrolments, Fees, Catholic Schools Week, Swimming, Library News, P & F News, Community News


Successful Educating, Awards, Finance Secretary, Opening School Mass, P & F Meeting, Pupil Free Day, Sacramental Program, Road Safety, SRC, New Phone Number, Attendance, Project Based Learning, Food Drive for Mama Lana's, Community News


Welcome, New Families and Staff, Opening School Mass, Pupil Free Days, MAI, Parent Information Nights, Sacramental Program, 2018 Enrolments, P & F, Road Safety, Food Allergies, Photos and Videos, Complaints and Grievances, Building Project, RE News


Awards, Reading Recovery, Swimming Carnival, Building Project, MAI Bookings, Christmas Concert, Year 6 Graduation, Important Dates, Christmas Mass Times, Farewell from Mr Mifsud, Piano and Singing Lessons


Advent, Awards, Reading Recovery Graduate, 2017 Teachers, Christmas Concert, Thanksgiving Mass, Rotary Award, Working Bee, School Captains, Swimming Carnival, Reading Challenge, P & F Committee, Important Dates, Opal Cards, RE News, Diocesan Trials


New Assistant Principal, Awards, Remembrance Day, 2017 Teachers, Reconciliation, MAI Testing, Gymnastics, School Attendance, Primary Swimming Carnival, P & F AGM, Summer Reading Challenge, Important Dates, Learning News, Growth Mindset, Library News,


Family Meals, All Saints and All Souls Day, world Teachers' Day, Awards, P & F AGM, Kinder Orientation, 2017 Maths Testing, Swimming, Building Project, Bishop's Award, Reconciliation, Remembrance Day, Christmas Concert, Basketball Gala Day


Month of the Rosary, Kinder 2017 Transition Program, Awards, Year 5 Camp, Mathematics Testing January 2017, Keep Safe Online, Swimming, Canteen, World Teachers' Day, Building Project, Pupil Free Day, RE News, Year 5 Visit to St Dom's, Sports News


Grandparents' Day, Deepest Sympathy, Awards, Welcome & Farewell, Confirmation, Yr 6 Fundraiser, Pat-R Assessment, Building Project, Pupil Free Day, Summer Uniform, Attendance, Way of Mercy, Reconciliation, Sport, Footy Fever Day


Saint Teresa of Kolkata, Fathers'Day, Awards, Reading Recovery, Voice of Youth, Building Project, Confirmation, Cyberbullying, PUPIL FREE DAY, Summer Uniform, NAPLAN, Religious Literacy Assessment, Way of the Cross, Book Week, RE News, Learning News


Professional Learning, Awards, Reading Recovery Graduate, Way of the Cross, Book Character Parade, Fathers' Day, Summer Uniform, Kiss and Drop Zone, RE News, Curriculum Spot, Zone Athletics, Netball Gala Day, Wine Tasting Evening


St Mary MacKillop, Pupil Free Day, Leave, Confirmation, Awards, Reading Recovery Graduants, EMU Graduants, Soccer Gala Day Postponed, Congratulations, Way of the Cross, Kiss and Drop Zone, New School Address, Book Character Parade, RE News


Awards, Fees, World Youth Day, Reading Recovery Graduants, Deepest Sympathy, Child Car Seats, Pyjama Day, Penrith Community Kitchen Visit, Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Liturgical Celebrations for Term 3, Sports News, General News


Jubilee Year of Mercy, Awards, World Youth Day Pilgrimage, 2017 Enrolments Open, P & F Meeting, First Communion, Year 3 Reports and Conferences, Farewell Mrs Eekman, Captivate Choir, Congratulations, New Bishop, RE News, Library News, General News


Dance-a-thon, Max - Go Fund Me page and Charity Golf Day, Awards, School Conferences, 2017 Enrolments, P&F Meeting, First Communion, Captivate Choir, Important Changes for Volunteers/Parent Helpers, RE News, Yr 4 Visit, Athletics Carnival, Cyberwise


Principal's travels, 2017 Enrolments Open, P & F Meeting, Building Update, Awards, New Forms for Volunteers, School Feast Day, Feast of the Sacred Heart, Dance-A-Thon, Girls Soccer Gala Day, Pedestrian Safety in Emu Plains Primary School Zones


Pentecost, Pray for Max, Awards, Dance-A-thon, New Forms for Volunteers, 2017 Enrolments, New Bishop, School Feast Day, Feast of the Sacred Heart, Prayer Cards, Yr 6 Visit Canberra, Zone Cross Country, School Fees, Afternoon Dismissal, Sunday Brunch


Welcome Back, Awards, Winter Uniform, 2017 Enrolments Open, P & F Meeting, NAPLAN, Building Project, Project Compassion, ANZAC Day, Mothers' Day Liturgy, Student Spot, P & F News, Clothing Pool, Change of Details, Sick Children, Community News


Harmony Day, Awards, Diversity Team, Munch and Crunch, Winter Uniform, Reading Challenge, 2017 Enrolments, Easter Raffle Results, NAPLAN, ANZAC Day, Cross Country, Become A More Positive Parent, Canteen Rewards for Lunch Orders, RE News, Dance Fever


Celebrations of Learning, Year of Mercy,Quality Catholic Schools Survey, Enrolments 2017, P&F Meeting, OLOW Building Project, ANZAC Day, NAPLAN, RE News, Sports News and Student Leaders


Lent, Awards, Zone and Diocesan Swimming, Fees, 2017 Enrolments, P & F Meeting, Catholic Schools Week, Open Morning Tour, Celebrations of Learning, Art Exhibition, Reading Challenge, ANZAC Day, RE News, General News,


Lent, SRC, Awards, Zone Swimming, NAPLAN Info Evening, Photos, Absences, Fees, Open Morning, Enrolments for 2017, P & F Meeting, Catholic Schools Week, RE News, Learning News, Help Needed for MultiLit, Dance Fever, Health Spot, Book Club, Homework


Opening School Mass, School Photos, Family Bush Dance, Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences, Kinder Parent Info Night, Celebrations of Learning, Thank You, School Leaders, Newsletter & Calendar, Reading Challenge, Kiss & Drop, Opal Cards, RE News


Thank you! Christmas Mass Times, Christmas Star, First Holy Communion, Meet the Teacher, School Leaders, Maths Testing, Swimming Carnival, K & Yr 1 Fun Day, Summer Reading Challenge, Year 6 Graduates & Awards, Christmas Choir, Book Club, P & F News


Awards, School Captains, Fr Mick, Reading Recovery and Emu Graduants, 2016 Teachers, HELP NEEDED, End of Year Awards, Reports, Library Books, Parking Safety, Reading Challenge, Maths Testing in January, P & F 2016, Christmas Hampers, Learning News


Feast of All Saints, Awards, Summer Reading Challenge, Remembrance Day, P & F Meeting, Student Attendance Guidelines, World Youth Day, Swimming Carnival, Safety First - Parking, 2016 Fees, RE News, Christmas Choir, Change to Bus Passes. Book Club


World Teachers' Day, Awards, EMU, Kinder 2016 Orientation, Michael Fullen, Maths Testing 2016, World Youth Day, Important Dates, No Hat No Play, RE News, Learning News, Curriculum Spot, Sports News, Library News.


Awards, Enrolments, Year 5 Camp, Kinder 2016 Transition, 2016 Mathematics Testing, World Youth Day, Swimming Program, VERY IMPORTANT DATES, Curriculum Spot, Learn-a-thon, Sports News, General News, Community News


Grandparents' Day, Awards, Earn and Learn, Learn-a-thon, Student Writing, CARES Excursion, Maths Challenge, Year One Learning News, Sun Smart, Sports News, Trivia Night, Community News.


Fathers' Day, State Athletics, Grandparents' Day and Book Fair, Mathematics, Parenting Styles, RE News, Learn-a-thon, Writeon Challenge Winners, Community News,


Feast of the Assumption, Teacher Professional Learning, Voice of Youth, Year 4 Religious Literacy Assessment, Fathers' Day Breakfast, Prayer and Celebration of Learning, Grandparents' Day and Book Fair, P & F Meeting, Mathematics, RE News, Sport


Awards, Religious Literacy Assessment, In Remembrance, Pupil Free Day, Fathers' Day Breakfast & Prayer, Grandparents' Day and Book Fair, Soccer Gala Day, Kiss & Drop, Maths, Learning News, Write On Competition, Learn-a-thon, Sports News, General News


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